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IRC network Volatile was registered on in May 2021. Since that time our data collector regularly connects IRC network Volatile to determine its key performance indicators, such as its number of users and its number of chat rooms (IRC channels). On this occasion a list of visible (not private) chat rooms is requested too.

During last connections to Volatile its servers reported an average of 21 users and 18 chat rooms. Use the following menu to get more information about IRC network Volatile!

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The following information has been fetched by our IRC crawler during its last connection to server on 2021-09-24 at 14:23 (UTC).

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Admin Info :Administrative info shi dongs irc[at]

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

-​ "You could tell it was special,​ couldn't you?"  Ten pulses per second. That's
-​ faster than the phone company's equipment.  Believe me,​ this unit is the most
-​ famous unit in the country.  There is no other unit like it.  Believe me."
-​ "Yes,​ I've heard about it.  Some other phone phreaks have told me about it."
-​ "They have been referring to my,​ ahem,​ unit?  What is it they said? Just out of
-​ curiosity,​ did they tell you it was a highly sophisticated computer-​operated
-​ unit,​ with acoustical coupling for receiving outputs and a switch-​board with
-​ multiple-​line-​tie capability?  Did they tell you that the frequency tolerance
-​ is guaranteed to be not more than .05 percent?  The amplitude tolerance less
-​ than .01 decibel?  Those pulses you heard were perfect.  They just come faster
-​ than the phone company. Those were high-​precision op-​amps.  Op-​amps are
-​ instrumentation amplifiers designed for ultra-​stable amplification,​ super-​low
-​ distortion and accurate frequency response.  Did they tell you it can operate
-​ in temperatures from -​55 degrees C to +125 degrees C?"
-​ I admit that they did not tell me all that.
-​ "I built it myself,​" the Captain goes on.  "If you were to go out and buy the
-​ components from an industrial wholesaler it would cost you at least $1500.  I
-​ once worked for a semiconductor company and all this didn't cost me a cent.  Do
-​ you know what I mean?  Did they tell you about how I put a call completely
-​ around the world?  I'll tell you how I did it.  I M-​Fed Tokyo inward,​ who
-​ connected me to India,​ India connected me to Greece,​ Greece connected me to
-​ Pretoria,​ South Africa,​ South Africa connected me to South America,​ I went from
-​ South America to London,​ I had a London operator connect me to a New York
-​ operator,​ I had New York connect me to a California operator who rang the phone
-​ next to me.  Needless to say I had to shout to hear myself.  But the echo was
-​ far out.  Fantastic.  Delayed.  It was delayed twenty seconds,​ but I could hear
-​ myself talk to myself."
-​ "You mean you were speaking into the mouthpiece of one phone sending your voice
-​ around the world into your ear through a phone on the other side of your head?"
-​ I had a vision of something vaguely autoerotic going on,​ in a complex
-​ electronic way.

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