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IRC network ChatLounge was registered on in June 2013. Since that time our data collector regularly connects IRC network ChatLounge to determine its key performance indicators, such as its number of users and its number of chat rooms (IRC channels). On this occasion a list of visible (not private) chat rooms is requested too.

During last connections to ChatLounge its servers reported an average of 241 users and 109 chat rooms. Use the following menu to get more information about IRC network ChatLounge! Take a view to the generated statistics and search within the list of chat rooms for topics of your interest!

Last connection

The following information has been fetched by our IRC crawler during its last connection to server on at (UTC).

Server Options

CHANMODES=eIbq,​k,​flj,​ACFLOPQSTcgimnprstz CHANLIMIT=#:

Admin Info :Administrative info Mag ChatLounge Client Server - Dallas, TX admin[at]

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

-​ Welcome to the ChatLounge IRC Network.
-​                   iLuS5SFuvi
-​              ikBBMBMBBBBBBBBBBBX7
-​          GBBBBBBXr        iLZBBBBB
-​        1BBBBBEi               iOBB
-​       MBBMBM                    ri
-​      BBBBB2
-​     GBBBBU
-​    LMBBBO
-​    BBBBB
-​   7BBBBG
-​   OBBBBr                                EZ0O0
-​   BBBBB                                iONPMr
-​   BBBBB                                501Pq
-​   BBBBM                                ESF0u
-​   BMBMBU                              YEFFZ
-​   JBBBBB                     J        Xq1NF
-​    BBBBBBi                iqBB       iZ5FEr
-​     BBBBBBZr           vPBBBBr       5q5SN
-​           vUEMBBBBBME2v             qkFXX
-​                                    iZS1Gr
-​                                    u01Pq
-​                                    ES5q2
-​                                   v0F5Gi
-​                                   SN1Pk
-​                                  iG5FNr
-​                                  2qF5k
-​                                  0P5SSkP0NEqENEN0NEqEZM
-​                                 uBZZEG8OOMOMOMOMOMOMMBq
-​                                 i7iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii7
-​   Use of this server constitutes acceptance of the
-​ Acceptable Use Policy,​ found here:
-​   While reasonable efforts may be made to notify
-​ significant changes to the AUP,​ we are under no
-​ obligation to do so.
-​   Use of this network is a privilege,​ not a right.
-​ Therefore,​ bad behavior may result in being
-​ disconnected,​ or in more extreme cases,​ banned.
-​   By connecting to this network,​ you agree to undergo
-​ a scan (source IP is this server) for open proxies.
-​ Furthur scans may also come from this or any of the other
-​ client servers.  If you don't wish for this scan to be
-​ performed,​ disconnect immediately.
-​   Available ports for this server are:
-​   Standard:  6665 -​ 6669,​ 9000
-​   SSL:       6697,​ 9999
-​   If you are not using SSL,​ why not?  Use SSL today!
-​   Not sure where to get started?  Try joining the
-​   official ChatLounge network lobby channel:
-​   #Social -​ General chat channel
-​   Official Game Channels:
-​   #IdleRPG   Traditional IdleRPG game
-​   #Poker     Poker card game channel
-​   #Trivia    An ongoing trivia game
-​   #Uno       Uno game channel
-​   The official help channel for network related issues or
-​ questions is:
-​   #Help
-​   If you're here for ChatIRCd,​ the Charybdis/ircd-​seven
-​ fork,​ please join:
-​   #ChatIRCd
-​   If you're here for ChatServices,​ the Atheme fork,​ please
-​ join:
-​   #ChatServices
-​   We also participate in the MultiRPG multiple network idle
-​ RPG game (,​ found here:
-​   #MultiRPG
-​   #MultiRPG-​Discuss

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