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Each IRC network has to fulfill some requirements to get registered here first and to get accepted as competitor later. Please read the how-to manual carefully before you fill out the registration form!

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There are many thousand IRC servers installed in the wide world of internet. This is a lot more than the number of IRC networks that is listed here on, but this website is far away to be just a dump of all existing IRC networks. Each IRC network has to fulfill several requirements, before it finally gets accepted. Please pay attention to the following questions...

Does your IRC network have enough users?

Sometimes I think that this is the most frequent reason, why IRC networks won't be accepted. Your IRC network should have a valid user base. The threshold is currently set to 50 concurrent users.

Is your network already listed on this website?

Please check if your IRC network is already listed here! It doesn't make sense to display a network more than once. So several mechanisms were implemented to automatically find server overlaps between known networks. In consequence of a server overlap as many of the involved networks are removed until there's just a single one left.

Do you really know network's correct name?

Many IRC networks use their own domains and usually that domain is very similar to the name of the network. If you connect an IRC network, you can usually find its name within the message of the day or in message number 005 right after the connection to the server was established. (The message of the day is available through command '/motd' in all better known IRC clients.)

Do you know network's identifier?

All servers that are connected to the same IRC network should use the same network identifier in message number 005. You will need this information for registration, because the spider client will close the connections when it finds a wrong network identifier to prevent doubles. Usually the identifier is equal the name of an IRC network. Please see the server options of last connection to QuakeNet for example! ("NETWORK=QuakeNet")

Do the IRC operators know about this registration?'s spider client starts every hour and tries to get the relevant data from each IRC network. Good IRC operators continuously pay attention to their servers and set bans to users that might abuse their network. In consequence of such a ban the connection attempts will fail and the IRC network will be removed from here again.

Where is the official website for that network?

Please submit only official and valid URLs! Other websites are nice to see, but here is not the right place.

Don't use IP-addresses!

All servers should have fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) and you should use these FQDNs here. IP-addresses are not enough.

Do you know enough valid servers?

Please specify three valid and stable servers! The spider client will use them in a random order. Many networks have a so called 'round robin'. This is a certain kind of DNS entry that maps a single hostname to a list of IP-addresses. If the network that you want to register has a valid round-robin, please use it here!

Please correctly identify yourself!

Sometimes it's necessary to get more information about a fresh submitted IRC network. The best way to get more information, is to ask the person that submitted it. This is only possible, when you enter your correct email address.

Where is the registration form?

Here you will find the registration form. Please fill it out and press button 'register network'!

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