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IRC Network MagicStar

IRC network MagicStar was registered in May 1999. Since that time our small data collector regularly connects this IRC network to determine its key performance indicators, such as its number of users and its number of chat rooms (IRC channels). On this occasion a list of visible (not private) chat rooms is requested too.

During last connections to MagicStar its servers reported an average of 86 users and 57 chat rooms. Use the following menu to get more information about IRC network MagicStar! Take a view to the generated statistics and search within the list of chat rooms for topics of your interest!

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Last connection to MagicStar

Server:gryphon2.magicstar.net (
Date:2020-02-26 06:14:01  (UTC)
Server Options:

Admin Info:
 Administrative info about Gryphon2.MagicStar.net Server Admin - Sunfire Server - Gryphon.Magicstar.net Sunfire[at]magicstar.net
Message Of The Day (MOTD):
 -​ 19/7/2012 20:24
-​  *********************************************************
-​                       Welcome to MagicStar                  
-​                     http://www.magicstar.net
-​                      Gryphon.Magicstar.Net
-​                     Ports:  6666,​ 6667,​ 7000                            
-​  *********************************************************
-​  Rules for this server: 
-​  1) NO harassing other users or IRCops.
-​  2) NO excessive profanity.
-​  3) NO warez or illegal trading of software or otherwise illegal activities.
-​  4) NO attempts of DoS attacks or other hacking attemps to either us or any
-​  other user. This includes discussion of the preceding topics.
-​  -​-​Legal action WILL be taken.-​-​
-​  5) Sex channels are NOT allowed here. Any reference to
-​  sexual body parts,​ intercourse,​ vulgarity or pornography in any context
-​  is prohibited. The IRCops reserve the right to monitor and remove any
-​  offensive channel names,​ topics,​ or irc nicks.
-​  6) Advertising and other spamming activities will NOT be tolerated
-​  and will result in your removal from this network and also may result in
-​  being reported to your ISP.
-​  7) NO evading Channel or Network Bans.
-​  8) NO Bots are allowed until AFTER registration. For further details please
-​  see  http://www.magicstar.net/bots/
-​  9) No War scripts.
-​  10) Open Wingate/Proxy connections are NOT allowed on this server. If you
-​  detect a connection attempt on port 23 and 1080 from our servers
-​  do not consider it a denial of service attack. The main purpose for adding
-​  this scan is to insure the security of the servers and it's users.
-​  11) No more than two connections will be allowed.  Any connections in excess
-​  of two will result in being banned for cloning.
-​  12) No fservs of any kind are allowed.
-​  Enjoy yourself,​ but don't misbehave. Failure to follow this server's
-​  rules may result in your being killed or k:lined without warning.
-​  Administration reserves the right to refuse access to this server
-​  for any reason we feel necessary. Administrators and Operators are
-​  NOT liable for any damages caused by using IRC or this server.  
-​  -​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​
-​  Official Channels:
-​  #Magicstar for network/IRC related help or an IRCop.
-​  #ChatZone for lots of general chat.
-​  -​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​
-​   ***    Admin/Owner:
-​          Janus      janus[at]​magicstar.net 
-​          Sunfire      sunfire[at]​magicstar.net          
-​  -​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​


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