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Letzte Verbindung

Die folgenden Informationen wurden von unserem IRC-Crawler während seiner letzten Verbindung zum Server am 2023-03-27 um 16:04 Uhr (UTC) gesammelt.

Server Options

CHANMODES=eIbq,​k,​flj,​ACFLOPQSTcgimnprstz CHANLIMIT=#:

Admin Info :Administrative info Ben ChatLounge Client Server - Los Angeles, CA admin[at]

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

-​ Welcome to the ChatLounge IRC Network.
-​                   iLuS5SFuvi
-​              ikBBMBMBBBBBBBBBBBX7
-​          GBBBBBBXr        iLZBBBBB
-​        1BBBBBEi               iOBB
-​       MBBMBM                    ri
-​      BBBBB2
-​     GBBBBU
-​    LMBBBO
-​    BBBBB
-​   7BBBBG
-​   OBBBBr                                EZ0O0
-​   BBBBB                                iONPMr
-​   BBBBB                                501Pq
-​   BBBBM                                ESF0u
-​   BMBMBU                              YEFFZ
-​   JBBBBB                     J        Xq1NF
-​    BBBBBBi                iqBB       iZ5FEr
-​     BBBBBBZr           vPBBBBr       5q5SN
-​           vUEMBBBBBME2v             qkFXX
-​                                    iZS1Gr
-​                                    u01Pq
-​                                    ES5q2
-​                                   v0F5Gi
-​                                   SN1Pk
-​                                  iG5FNr
-​                                  2qF5k
-​                                  0P5SSkP0NEqENEN0NEqEZM
-​                                 uBZZEG8OOMOMOMOMOMOMMBq
-​                                 i7iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii7
-​   Use of this server constitutes acceptance of the
-​ Acceptable Use Policy,​ found here:
-​   While reasonable efforts may be made to notify
-​ significant changes to the AUP,​ we are under no
-​ obligation to do so.
-​   Use of this network is a privilege,​ not a right.
-​ Therefore,​ bad behavior may result in being
-​ disconnected,​ or in more extreme cases,​ banned.
-​   By connecting to this network,​ you agree to undergo
-​ a scan (source IP is this server) for open proxies.
-​ Furthur scans may also come from this or any of the other
-​ client servers.  If you don't wish for this scan to be
-​ performed,​ disconnect immediately.
-​   Available ports for this server are:
-​   Standard:  6667
-​   SSL:       6697
-​   If you are not using SSL,​ why not?  Use SSL today!
-​   Not sure where to get started?  Try joining the
-​   official ChatLounge network lobby channel:
-​   #Social -​ General chat channel
-​   Official Game Channels:
-​   #IdleRPG   Traditional IdleRPG game
-​   #Poker     Poker card game channel
-​   #Trivia    An ongoing trivia game
-​   #Uno       Uno game channel
-​   The official help channel for network related issues or
-​ questions is:
-​   #Help
-​   If you're here for ChatIRCd,​ the Charybdis/ircd-​seven
-​ fork,​ please join:
-​   #ChatIRCd
-​   If you're here for ChatServices,​ the Atheme fork,​ please
-​ join:
-​   #ChatServices
-​   We also participate in the MultiRPG multiple network idle
-​ RPG game (,​ found here:
-​   #MultiRPG
-​   #MultiRPG-​Discuss

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