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2018-07-14 Server outage...

This server outage was caused by a broken CPU fan.
2017-04-27 Connectivity problems

Some of my provider's network devices seems to had a problem. Server was not available for more than 24 hours. *sigh*
2017-02-24 Blacklisted on DroneBL.org

Someone send my server's IP address to dronebl.org by mistake. Connections to many IRC networks are affected. Unfortunately dronebl.org does not give any helpful information about who made this mistake. I'm going to do my best to get my IP address removed again. *sigh*
2016-07-17 Server outage...

Since two days one of netsplit.de's servers is not available. The homepage of the responsible provider is not available too. At the moment it seems that I have to search a new second provider. *sigh*
2015-07-02 DNS outage...

DNS servers for domain netsplit.de had got a problem. So measurements and website's availability were temporarily broken.
2015-06-13 Switching to responsive web design...

Content was modified to improve support of mobile devices (e.g. tablets and mobile phones).
2015-02-14 Filtering of Janus links...

IRC networks that use Janus to establish links to channels of other IRC networks will be marked as mavericks in future. That means that they don't appear in the top 100 list and their channels can't be found via IRC search.

This was a long-needed step to filter channel duplicates and to reduce abuse of reported user numbers.
2014-12-07 Migration from osprey to eagle...

Website was moved to another/better hardware.
2014-06-18 Week of server outages...

netsplit.de's IRC statistics are based on two servers. First server serves as data collector for most of the known IRC networks. Second server is mainly used for database and website. Yesterday website was down because of a broken power supply on server two. Power supply was changed and website restarted its work. Today data collection was temporarily interrupted, because load on server hardware (second server runs as virtual machine) was too high. Virtual server was moved to another hardware and now everything should work again... for a while. *grin*
2014-02-17 Server outage...

Main collection server was down since Friday. Unfortunately I was on vacation a few days. So I haven't noticed the outage until today. Now everything is running as usual again.
2013-10-17 Hardware crash...

In consequence of a hardware crash I had to restore netsplit's data. Data of some days is lost, but now measurements should correctly run again.


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