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Das IRC-Netz TransAdvice wurde im Dezember 2014 auf registriert. Seitdem werden von unserem IRC-Crawler regelmäßig Verbindungen zum IRC-Netz TransAdvice aufgebaut, um dessen Leistungs­kennzahlen, wie z.B. die Anzahl der Benutzer und Chaträume (IRC-Kanäle), zu ermitteln. Bei dieser Gelegenheit wird von den IRC-Servern auch jeweils eine Liste der sichtbaren (nicht privaten) Chaträume angefordert.

Während der letzten Verbindungen wurden durchschnittlich 24 Benutzer und 15 Chaträume von den IRC-Servern gemeldet. Über das folgende Menü erhältst du weitere Informationen zum IRC-Netz TransAdvice.

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Die folgenden Informationen wurden von unserem IRC-Crawler während seiner letzten Verbindung zum Server am 2021-12-08 um 18:25 Uhr (UTC) gesammelt.

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USERMODES=,​,​s,​IRSiorwx WHOX :

Admin Info :Administrative info Name: Sophie McIntyre Nickname: Sophie Email: sophie[at]

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

Welcome to TransAdvice IRC!

Our up to date Acceptable Use Policy is at: reserves the right to deny access to anyone,​ for any reason. makes no guarantees about the quality of service,​ nor does accept responsiblity for anything. That being said,​ the
following items are a violation of this Use Policy:

* Hate speech in any shape or form.

* Disrespecting others beliefs in any shape or form.

* Threats of any kind.

* Encouraging self-​destructive or harmful behavior.

* Conducting or plotting illegal activity.

* Please report any issues to #Ops,​ do not start issues in channels! :)

All that said,​ enjoy your stay :)

Acceptable Use Policy:

The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is mostly common sense,​ and used to resolve
 any issues or disputes that may arise. Violating the AUP may prohibit you
 from using and its services. The AUP is as follows: is a web service provided for users to connect,​ research,​
 and share information about transgender and transsexual life,​ activities,​
 concerns,​ transition,​ and a community to gain support.

Such a community will have diverse members,​ with different experiences,​
 ideas,​ beliefs and opinions about themselves and others. does not seek to limit one's identity,​
 or the expression of that identity,​ in regards to how one conducts their lives
 and shares with people on this site,​ insofar as it does not limit or invalidate
 another person's identity or expression of their identity.

As this site deals with gender,​ respecting another's gender identity is vital.
 If you do not know someone's gender,​ you may ask them how they wish to be
referred to and respect their wishes.

As such,​ we request that you respect the ethos of this site by not posting
 or engaging in any of the following while using this site:

    *Speech which is patently offensive,​ promotes or incites racism,​ sexism,​
     ablism,​ bigotry,​ hatred or physical harm against any group or individual,​
     or is sexually or violently exploitative.
    *Deliberate or intentional misgendering,​ and its ilk,​
     is not tolerated in any form.
    *Harassment or advocating harassment of another person,​ on or off the site.
    *Encouraging self destructive or harmful behavior.
    *Conducting or plotting illegal activity.
    *Soliciting personal information from minors.
    *Publicly posting private and/or personal information of other people without
     their expressed permission,​ including but not limited to,​ real names,​
     birth names,​ birth gender/sex,​ addresses,​ phone numbers,​
     email and instant message addresses,​ physical location,​ photographs,​
     recordings,​ internet properties,​ businesses,​ places of work,​
     and/or other information that may lead someone to another person
    *Posting copyrighted work without the copyright owner's expressed
     permission and credit.
    *Spam,​ phishing,​ and/or other activities intended to coerce people to give up
     otherwise private and personal information.
    *Trolling,​ social engineering,​ and other net-​abuse are highly frowned upon.
     Just because you meant something to be funny,​
     does not make it okay to say or do. is not responsible for the content generated by users
 in the forums,​ on chat,​ or any other spaces. expresses no warranty or guarantee about the effectiveness
 or accuracy of the information contained on this site,​
 nor does represent any authority or claim any authority
 on the information contained herein.
 Information is maintained on a "best effort" basis by the members of If you discover information that is inaccurate,​
 out of date,​ or broken,​  please advise the webmaster so we may fix it.

If you're a federal,​ state,​ or local government employee or official,​
 you are forbidden to use this site if at any time during the past 50 years,​
 you took any action or made any statement,​ verbal or written,​ that may violate
 or impinge on anyone's rights as defined by the UN Universal Declaration of
 Human Rights.
 Evidence of actual violation of or impingement on a specific person's right
 is not required for AUP infringement.

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