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#postmarketos OFTC

Chatraum - 1024 Benutzer - vor 132 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: https://postmarketos.org | PLEASE READ: https://postmarketos.org/chat | Don't paste logs directly, use e.g. https://bpaste.net | Use #postmarketos-offtopic and #postmarketos-lowlevel | Stay around for answers | Consider matrix for offline history/read it here: https://matrix.to/#/#main:postmarketos.org | apk: Alpine package keeper | Please make cool photos for the next blog post!
Netz: OFTC  -  irc2go: #postmarketos

#raku Libera.Chat

Chatraum - 175 Benutzer - vor 133 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: ðŸ¦‹ Welcome to the MAIN() IRC channel of the Raku Programming Language (https://raku.org). This channel is logged for the purpose of keeping a history about its development | evalbot usage: 'm: say 3;' or /msg camelia m: ... | Log inspection is getting closer to beta. If you're a beginner, you can also check out the #raku-beginner channel!
Netz: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #raku

#raku-dev Libera.Chat

Chatraum - 66 Benutzer - vor 133 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: ðŸ¦‹ Welcome to the IRC channel of the core developers of the Raku Programming Language (https://raku.org #rakulang). This channel is logged for the purpose of history keeping about its development | evalbot usage: 'm: say 3;' or /msg camelia m: ... | log inspection situation still under development | For MoarVM see #moarvm
Kategorie: Entwicklung - Netz: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #raku-dev

#ducks4friends Snoonet

Chatraum - 7 Benutzer - vor 111 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  🦆 🦆 🦆 Welcome to the #ducks4friends resistance. Befriend all you can around snoonet, recruit people to the cause and we shall fight against the horrid .bangers 🦆 🦆 🦆 | Let 28/11/18 (or 11/28/18 for you awkward fucks) stay in our history as our Liberation Day!!!
Kategorie: Freundschaft - Netz: Snoonet  -  irc2go: #ducks4friends

#friendschat Mibbit

Chatraum - 2 Benutzer - vor 117 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Mibbit FIRST General Channel For CHAT. About current events, politics, gender, race, science, economics, entertainment, history, religion, philosophy, or any other type of knowledgeable Discussion. Channel need an OP to Operate this Channel. If Someone Agree to operate this chan Let us know #friendschat staff. Thank you :-)
Kategorie: Freundschaft - Netz: Mibbit  -  irc2go: #friendschat

#history Undernet

Chatraum - 4 Benutzer - vor 133 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Vote for new manager cancelled. This is the last warning for failure to login.
Kategorie: History - Netz: Undernet  -  irc2go: #history

#linux PTnet

Chatraum - 39 Benutzer - vor 114 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Happy 30th Anniversary Linux http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~awb/linux.history.html | https://ubuntu-pt.org/ | https://www.debianpt.org/ | https://www.portugal-a-programar.pt/forums/forum/50-gnulinux | https://www.linuxquestions.org/ | https://rms-support-letter.github.io/ | Aguarde pacientemente por ajuda
Kategorie: Linux - Netz: PTnet  -  irc2go: #linux

#perak SkyChatz

Chatraum - 144 Benutzer - vor 111 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: -'--'- Welcome to #Perak Darul Ridzuan. Coined as the Land of Grace, Perak Darul Ridzuan, the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia is a land famed for its natural tropical beauty and rich cultural history. Thanks for join and support.-'--'-
Kategorie: Perak - Netz: SkyChatz  -  irc2go: #perak
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