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#People DALnet

Chat Room - 63 users - 107 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to our WONDERFUL CHANNEL! #People - Bring friends! Remember: Be nice - Play nice - Have Fun! [ENGLISH/ARABIC/URDU!] - For hosting contact @mondino -
category: People - network: DALnet  -  irc2go: #People

##networking freenode

Chat Room - 1232 users - 107 minutes ago - current topic: Computer Networking | If you have a question, ask it! | If you want to paste use | Vendor Help = #$vendor | Please be friendly to and respectful of others. Please do not go off topic while other people discuss on topic matters. Please refrain from harassing or offensive comments.
category: Computers - network: freenode  -  irc2go: ##networking

#damn!it' DALnet

Chat Room - 2 users - 107 minutes ago - current topic: i mean, you people act like it’s your relatives
category: People - network: DALnet  -  irc2go: #damn!it'

#debian-next OFTC

Chat Room - 314 users - 106 minutes ago - current topic: testing → bullseye | you may need to debug sometimes | faq: | ongoing transitions: | multiarch fun: /msg dpkg multiarch failures | NO FLOOD: /msg dpkg paste | /msg bots NOT people | offtopic → #debian-offtopic | oldstable, stable → #debian | can't talk? /msg NickServ help register, /msg NickServ help identify, and
category: Debian - network: OFTC  -  irc2go: #debian-next

#wikipedia-en-help freenode

Chat Room - 90 users - 107 minutes ago - current topic: English Wikipedia help channel | Status: Up | Guidelines: | No answer? Type !helper followed by your question in the box at the bottom of this page. Please wait several minutes for a response and do NOT private message people without permission | We ONLY answer questions about English Wikipedia. | Never disclose your password or email | No public logging
category: Wikipedia - network: freenode  -  irc2go: #wikipedia-en-help

##8chan Rizon

Chat Room - 183 users - 107 minutes ago - current topic: king of the hill is the second greatest story ever told | we have a crisis of people who exclaim they have no belief in god to get a dopamine rush | (PissWizard) I'm 100% sure god would have better shit to worry about than if you talk to him or not. | Jesus is God | |
network: Rizon  -  irc2go: ##8chan

#psychic Snoonet

Chat Room - 62 users - 94 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #psychic ! | Irc help/info/rules: | People who are voiced (+ next to their name) are offering readings |​ Voice chat: | Type /ns register password email to register | Type ?mods to ping the mods | Weekly Reading thread: | Type !cmds for TarotBot Commands | RIP Erock ❤️
network: Snoonet  -  irc2go: #psychic

#drupal-views freenode

Chat Room - 6 users - 107 minutes ago - current topic: Views and Panels development and API implementation discussions; this is not a support channel. Please see #drupal-support for support. Views documentation: Views API documentation: | If you send people here for support questions and I find out about it, I will ban you. | Views Bug Squad handbook:
category: Drupal - network: freenode  -  irc2go: #drupal-views
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