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#manga EuropNet

Chat Room - 5 users - 142 minutes ago - current topic: いらっしゃ~い Soyez les bienvenus sur le salon où l'on parle d'anime, de manga, manwha, cinéma asiatique, J-Pop, K-Pop... Bref, le paradis des otakus! Pas de demandes de liens, de scanlation ou fansub. Si vous aimez une oeuvre, soutenez son auteur en achetant ses productions.
category: Manga - network: EuropNet  -  irc2go: #manga

#manga-dev Rizon

Chat Room - 8 users - 147 minutes ago - current topic: reader-test: relevant githubs:
category: Manga Development - network: Rizon  -  irc2go: #manga-dev

#manga-heaven IRCHighWay

Chat Room - 4 users - 140 minutes ago - current topic:  [Manga-Heaven][ Website: (WIP)][DDL Folder: ]
category: Manga Heaven - network: IRCHighWay  -  irc2go: #manga-heaven Rizon

Chat Room - 20 users - 147 minutes ago - current topic: topic je ze anime sux, takze furt aktualny | dzodzo still gayest
category: Manga Slovakia - network: Rizon  -  irc2go:

#manga DALnet

Chat Room - 5 users - 147 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #Manga | Thirteen years later...
category: Manga - network: DALnet  -  irc2go: #manga

#manga freenode

Chat Room - 5 users - 147 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #Manga on freenode!
category: Manga - network: freenode  -  irc2go: #manga

#danke Rizon

Chat Room - 2 users - 147 minutes ago - current topic: This _was_ the official channel for [danke-Empire], but I haven't seen danke in some time. You can find the manga here: , here: or on Madokami (if you have a login). If you have any questions feel free to ask, but I may take up to 48hours to answer. Ping my name for a faster response if you want.
network: Rizon  -  irc2go: #danke

#manga EFnet

Chat Room - 3 users - 147 minutes ago - current topic: WELCOME TO IRC, THE ORIGINAL SOCIAL DISTANCING - | |
category: Manga - network: EFnet  -  irc2go: #manga
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