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#libera Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 2202 users - 61 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to Libera Chat support (pls no politics, IRC drama, or covid chat) | Cloak -> #libera-cloak | FAQ & guides https://libera.chat/guides/faq | Find staff with /stats p or /who libera/staff/* | Advice for helpers: https://libera.chat/guides/helpers
category: Development - network: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #libera

#drama Snoonet

Chat Room - 22 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: [+Hdnrtx 150:16w3d17h46m40s 1 10:5] <@Eggbert> i just wish kaalaaaa wanted to improve humanity as much as he walked to stalk people that barely give a shit | http://i.imgur.com/2Ai1LgD.jpg | http://i.imgur.com/qzfWr.jpg| <ThomasGray> because I come here to make fun of people like me not hang out with them | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sjA1x8jB2U
category: Drama - network: Snoonet  -  irc2go: #drama

#drama MyCooldude

Chat Room - 2 users - 45 minutes ago - current topic: this channel is reserved for all drama that may occur (NOTE: if it goes too far, you maybe expect a ban)
category: Drama - network: MyCooldude  -  irc2go: #drama

#help AnonOps

Chat Room - 9 users - 58 minutes ago - current topic: NETWORK CONNECTION HELP ONLY. | We will NOT help you with your client, hacking, tools, browser, proxy, vpn, drama, ops or channel bans, etc. | Tor: anonops4att3rwh3tsh2fhb3suwq6g575r6k36fsrc2ijkj75vcxhhyd.onion | Complaints? http://imgur.com/R2hMu | Not registered + active for 3 days? No tor, don't even ask. | Send private stuff only in PM and only to staff with channel access ([h]op) status
network: AnonOps  -  irc2go: #help

#centos-social Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 86 users - 61 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #centos-social, the place for social discussion and issues considered off-topic in #centos and our other channels. Please treat others as you would if you were face-to-face in real life and keep inflammatory topics limited. Please note that this is not a support channel; for support issues you want #centos or one of our other channels. No freenode drama.
category: CentOS - network: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #centos-social

#ds_shifters_ooc SorceryNet

Chat Room - 7 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: NEW PLAYERS WELCOME!! 18+ Rp.No drama in ooc, vacation, pm or join ops channel' #darkshadows^shifters Now in our 18th year! http://darkshadows-rpg.freeforums.net/ http://cleveland-by-night.angelfire.com/index.htm https://www.facebook.com/DarkshadowsRPG Founded 06/21/2002' Send sheets to sheetsubmission@googlegroups.com NO Politics
network: SorceryNet  -  irc2go: #ds_shifters_ooc

#E-Drama QuakeNet

Chat Room - 7 users - 61 minutes ago - current topic: RESET LADDERA 14.05.2013 http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=27855845306
category: Drama - network: QuakeNet  -  irc2go: #E-Drama

#rock Atrum

Chat Room - 2 users - 59 minutes ago - current topic: 24/7 Alternative Music Welcome to ROCK , a room for Rock , Metal , Punk , Alternative and Grunge fans . Right of admision reserved , I.D by the door - Leave drama by the door Music night : everyone gets a chance to select a song , it does have to be roock but if its nit we might judge you
category: Rock - network: Atrum  -  irc2go: #rock
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