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Search chat rooms within the Internet Relay Chat! – Chat rooms on IRC are usually called channels. Use this IRC search engine to search in channel names and topics of around 500 IRC networks! Find interesting chat rooms and chat with people that share your interests!

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#action Rizon

7 users – 109 minutes ago – https://clips.twitch.tv/FaithfulIncredulousPotTBCheesePull history of the entire world, i guess https://youtu.be/xuCn8ux2gbs
chat category: Actionnetwork: Rizon  –  irc2go: #action

#cyber-nux freenode

9 users – 110 minutes ago – Bienvenue sur #cyber-nux le chan de http://www.cyber-nux.fr || https://linuxtrack.net || Pour le support de Kali /join #kali-fr || Si vous souhaitez de l'aide pour une action illégale, ce n'est pas le bon endroit || Si vous ne vous exprimez pas correctement envers les utilisateurs, c'est un ban à vue || https://gist.github.com/atcuno/3425484ac5cce5298932
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #cyber-nux

#RPG-Hub DarkMyst

45 users – 102 minutes ago – Welcome to #rpg-hub, the IRC roleplayer's OOC hub! Need help locating a certain type of game? Ask! Visit our website for a channel list and rules at http://www.rpg-hub.com and https://www.darkmyst.org/?page=channels, RPGserv via /msg RPGServ HELP. | After-Action Report for 26-27 Jun Outages: http://preview.tinyurl.com/dmaar2627jun
chat category: Role-Playingnetwork: DarkMyst  –  irc2go: #RPG-Hub

#DarkMyst DarkMyst

34 users – 102 minutes ago – Welcome to DarkMyst's general chat channel! For help, please join #help. For IRC role-playing chat and assistance in finding a game, please join #rpg-hub. DarkMyst is accepting server applications, visit http://www.darkmyst.org/servapp.txt | After-Action Report for 26-27 Jun Outages: http://preview.tinyurl.com/dmaar2627jun
network: DarkMyst  –  irc2go: #DarkMyst

#telephreak 2600net

99 users – 109 minutes ago – Telephreak.org | type: .meetme | DIDs - +1-904-758-9779, +1-631-326-9942, +1-845-396-1439 | Skype: "telephreak" | SIPBroker Gateways: 1) Find a #(http://www.sipbroker.com/sipbroker/action/pstnNumbers) 2) Dial it 3) Enter: *46731 4) Profit! | https://i.imgur.com/Y7sBiNW.png
chat category: Radionetwork: 2600net  –  irc2go: #telephreak

#billygoat Foonetic

2 users – 96 minutes ago – Goat has a new action 'spam' | Stats graph: http://bit.ly/azjI54 | http://twitpic.com/1ebpl | #bucketlog to see changes to bucket from IRC and bucketweb | Billygoat has to be addressed to draw his attention! | Bucket browser: http://tinyurl.com/bucketweb | This is the goatpen.
network: Foonetic  –  irc2go: #billygoat

#action freenode

4 users – 110 minutes ago – No topic
chat category: Actionnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #action

#action-enforcers QuakeNet

2 users – 110 minutes ago – No topic
chat category: Actionnetwork: QuakeNet  –  irc2go: #action-enforcers

#bitme.botlog LostIRC

3 users – 94 minutes ago – IRCkey-request-URL: || PatrolBot (weathergirl) will announce country/email switches in the channel, consolidated reports are found here: http://www.bitme.org/forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=38229
network: LostIRC  –  irc2go: #bitme.botlog

#IRPG freenode

6 users – 110 minutes ago – IRPG Project will be back online before long. Be sure to stop in and idle in preperation for the bot :) would be great to see tournaments and stuff back in action. trying to get my hands on my original project to compare this one with
chat category: Role-Playingnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #IRPG
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