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The following information has been fetched by our IRC crawler during its last connection to server on 2022-08-08 at 16:16 (UTC).

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Admin Info

Administrative info about LinkNet Committee Server Administrator committee[at]

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

-​ -​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​
-​ -​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​
-​ SiLiCON HiLL -​ LinkNet IRC Server
-​ Ports: 6667,​ 6668
-​ SSL Port: 6697,​ 7000
-​ IPv4,​ IPv6
-​ -​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​
-​ Abuse: committee[at]​link-​
-​ This server is a free public service to the Internet
-​ Community as a whole. LinkNet reserves
-​ the right to prohibit access to any user or
-​ domain without warning or explanation.
-​ **** SERVER POLICIES ****
-​ * NO ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR including flooding,​ clones or advertising.
-​ * All connected clients must respond to /ctcp requests
-​ * One connection per user only. No excessively idle clients.
-​ * No link lookers. Do not use scripts designed for hacking or war.
-​ * No harassment of IRC Operators.
-​ This server is compiled with no-​chan-​ops-​on-​split. When denial of
-​ service attacks occur for the purposes of gaining access to closed
-​ channels or to obtain ops we will,​ at the option of the systems
-​ administrators,​ temporarily stay split until the attacks cease.
-​ DISCLAIMER: LinkNet explicitly claims NO liability or responsibility for any
-​ traffic passing through this server. We do not monitor traffic or data passed
-​ through this server under any condition. Use of this server is at your
-​ own risk..
-​ SUPPORT: To find a LinkNet IRC Operator,​ please join us in
-​ #LinkNet or type /stats p to see a listing of those who are
-​ currently online. Type /stats o to obtain a full list.
-​ CHANNELS: Users are responsible for maintaining their own channels.
-​ Operators will not become involved in channel issues.
-​ SERVER ABUSE: should be reported to: committee[at]​link-​
-​ Please include your name,​ IRC nick,​ IRC server name,​ a timestamped log
-​ of the event(s) and output of the client(s) /whois and /dns.
-​ QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS should be sent to: committee[at]​link-​
-​ Please do not send email requesting server links or o:lines.
-​ DO NOT ACCEPT files of unknown origin or integrity. For
-​ information and help with removing the latest irc exploits,​
-​ see or for
-​ help with mIRC based exploits.
-​ INFORMATION about our policies or other services may be found
-​ by visiting our web site at​
-​ Special Notice: Recently,​ it has become extremely important for users
-​ to guard against harmful exploits commonly distributed across
-​ IRC. The best way to guard against this is to not accept files
-​ of unknown or untrustworthy origin. For more info on this,​
-​ please /join #Linknet or /msg an irc operator. mIRC users,​
-​ please make sure you set "/sreq ask"
-​ -​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​=-​

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