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Our IRC crawler regularly connects all registered IRC networks to fetch current information (for example the amount of concurrent users and a list of IRC channels). Below you will find some details of last connection to IRC server that belongs to IRC network Rizon.

If you're searching for other servers of this IRC network, have a look to the list of Rizon servers that our IRC crawler periodically connects to!

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Admin Info

Administrative info about Rizon Routing Server Administrator routing[at]

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

-​          oo                            
-​ 88d888b. dP d888888b .d8888b. 88d888b.
-​ 88'  `88 88    .d8P' 88'  `88 88'  `88
-​ 88       88  .Y8P    88.  .88 88    88 
-​ dP       dP d888888P `88888P' dP    dP
-​ Rizon Chat Network -​-​
-​ Listening on ports: 6660 -​ 6669,​ 7000. SSL: 6697,​ 9999
-​ Rules:
-​ o No spamming or flooding
-​ o No clones or malicious bots
-​ o No takeovers
-​ o No distribution of child pornography
-​ o Clients must respond to VERSION requests
-​ o Rizon staff may disconnect clients for any or no reason
-​ First steps:
-​ o To register your nick: /msg NickServ HELP
-​ o To register your channel: /msg ChanServ HELP
-​ o To get a vHost: /msg HostServ HELP REQUEST
-​ o For other help with Rizon: /join #help
-​ Usage of this network is a privilege,​ not a right. Rizon is a
-​ transit provider,​ therefore no person or entity involved with
-​ * or takes any responsibility for
-​ users' actions. Absolutely no warranty is expressed or implied.
-​ is sponsored by  
-​ check out
-​ That's a special promotion for RIZON user:
-​ It gives $25 of credits on signing up.
-​ Free trial period for 7 days,​ if you continue after that and
-​ make first payment,​ credits are valid for 60 days.  
-​ #UpCloud -​ Sponsor channel
-​ #services -​ Staff help channel
-​ #help -​ English help channel
-​ #Rizon -​ General chat channel
-​ #Chat -​ General chat channel
-​ #RizonIRPG -​ Rizon Idle RPG game -​ Who will be the best at idling?!

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