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Our IRC crawler regularly connects all registered IRC networks to fetch current information (for example the amount of concurrent users and a list of IRC channels). Below you will find some details of last connection to IRC server that belongs to IRC network ACN.

If you're searching for other servers of this IRC network, have a look to the list of ACN servers that our IRC crawler periodically connects to!

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Server Options


Admin Info :Administrative info Nickname: Centaurus Email: centaurus[at]

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

Welcome to ACN IRC Network!
  _​_​_​_​_​ _​     _​                
 / _​_​_​_​| |   (_​)                
| |    | |_​_​  _​ _​ _​_​ _​_​_​  _​ _​_​  
| |    | '_​ \| | '_​_​/ _​ \| '_​ \
| |_​_​_​_​| | | | | | | (_​) | | | |
 \_​_​_​_​_​|_​| |_​|_​|_​|  \_​_​_​/|_​| |_​|
Available Ports: 6667,​ 6697(ssl only)

* Administrator: Centaurus (centaurus[at]​  *

IRC is a free media,​​ the operators of this network take no
responsibility whatsoever for opinions expressed or actions
taken by users.

By connecting to this server you give us the right to
probe your machine for open proxies/wingates.

This network may NOT be used for:  

* Any kind of spamming/flooding.
* Distribution of copyrighted material (eg,​ warez,​ mp3,​ movies) or pornography.
* Using bnc/bot/eggdrop without permission from server administrator.
* Clones. Contact server administrator if you require more than three clients.
* Attempts to takeover existing channels or network services.
* Hacking (including Virus/Trojan distribution).
* Racism and/or Nazism.
* We reserve the right to deny network access for any reason.

Continued use of this server indicates acceptance of these conditions.

Remember: This service is a privilege,​ not a right!

For more information about this server type: /admin
For helping with IRC Services commands type: /join #help

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