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Administrative info about KThx IRC IRCDrama IRC admin[at]

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

-​ 4/1/2020 12:13
-​  Welcome to
-​  IPv4: ports 6667-​6668-​6669 (ssl:+6697)
-​  IPv6: 2607:5300:201:3100:0:0:0:2773 ports 6667-​6668-​6669 (ssl: +6697)
-​   -​-​-​-​ oO IRC Drama Official Channel: #ircdrama Oo -​-​-​-​                                        
-​  First steps:                                                  
-​  o To register your nick: /msg NickServ HELP     | /NS HELP
-​  o To register your channel: /msg ChanServ HELP  | /CS HELP      
-​  o To get a vHost: /msg HostServ HELP REQUEST    | /HS HELP REQUEST      
-​  o For help with General IRC: /join #help                      
-​  o To list all available channels: /list    
-​  o Games: #werewolf #Trivia #Uno                                        
-​  KThx IRC or takes no responsibility for computer damage,​
-​  data loss,​ or any other damage or liability shall be implied by any ircdrama
-​  server administrator,​ staff or volunteers.
-​  IRC Drama IRC Network scan for any insecure or open proxies,​ as well as
-​  DNS Blacklist scans.  
-​  We don't accept:
-​  -​flooding
-​  -​spamming
-​  -​mass advertising
-​  -​abusive bots
-​  -​illegal activities [i.e. child porn,​ copyright file sharing,​ etc.]​
-​  -​idiots (which mean we can revoke your access to this server at any time without any warning)
-​  IRC is a privilege,​ not a right.
-​  Still have question?
-​  about the server -​> admin[at]​
-​  about the network -​> admin[at]​
-​  -​ Staff
-​ -​ o tabb (Admin)
-​ -​ o [Michaud]​ (Admin)
-​ -​ o TBNK420 (Admin)
-​ -​ o mits` (Oper)
-​ -​ Visit our website for more information:

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