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Administrative info about Jeroen Wierda Adonix aka Adonis

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

-​ 12/6/2012 22:31
-​  / ports: 6666-​6669,​7000 / SSL ports: +6697,​ +7001
-​         _​|_​|_​|  _​|                    _​|      _​|  _​|      _​|_​|    _​|  _​|
-​       _​|        _​|_​|_​|      _​|_​|_​|  _​|_​|_​|_​|  _​|  _​|    _​|    _​|  _​|  _​|
-​       _​|        _​|    _​|  _​|    _​|    _​|      _​|_​|_​|_​|  _​|_​|_​|_​|  _​|  _​|
-​       _​|        _​|    _​|  _​|    _​|    _​|          _​|    _​|    _​|  _​|  _​|
-​         _​|_​|_​|  _​|    _​|    _​|_​|_​|      _​|_​|      _​|    _​|    _​|  _​|  _​|
-​                                             ~* feel free to speak your mind *~
-​ Welcome to the Chat4All IRC Network; a free,​ publicly accessible network!
-​ We have quite some helpful information available for you through our:
-​      Website:
-​       Manual:​services_​eng.html
-​         Wiki:
-​ Also,​ our Anope Services (NickServ,​ ChanServ,​ BotServ,​ HostServ,​ MemoServ,​
-​  ReportServ and HelpServ) can be messaged HELP as well for info.
-​ For information about commands,​ use /HELPOP,​ for example /HELPOP USERCMDS
-​ SSL Details can be found on​certificates/
-​ If you can't find the information you need,​ feel free to /JOIN #Help or open
-​ a support ticket on
-​ If you have an issue that requires the network staff,​ such as an abuse report,​
-​ or a forgotten password,​ please /JOIN #Support instead.
-​ This network has some official channels,​ managed by the Chat4All Staff:
-​    #Lounge -​ Our main international channel for English and Dutch conversation
-​    #Trivia -​ Play a friendly,​ yet competitive,​ game of Trivia.
-​      #acro -​ Play an exciting game of acronyms!
-​  #Chat4All -​ The only channel where you can advertise your own channel.
-​ #DoctorWho -​ Seen The Doctor? Discuss your sightings here! Warning: Spoilers!
-​ By default your host/ip is partially masked by umode +x,​ if you want to mask
-​ your entire host,​ and have a registered nickname,​ then you can request a VHost
-​ (Virtual/Vanity Host); read for
-​ details and use /HOSTSERV REQUEST yourident[at]​your.vhost to request one.
-​ It is not allowed for website owners to circumvent the default host-​masking
-​  through preconfigured clients.
-​ Even though we are a free,​ publicly accessible IRC network where you should feel
-​ free to speak your mind,​ we do have some ground rules to ensure everyone can
-​ enjoy their stay and feel welcome:
-​  What is *not* allowed on this network:                                  
-​ Nn     Nn OOOOOO -​ Racism,​ harassment,​ personal attacks or other abuse;
-​ NNn    Nn Oo  oO -​ Illegal activities (such as Warez,​(D)DoS or childporn);
-​ NnNn   Nn Oo  oO -​ Flooding,​ Spamming or Advertising;
-​ Nn Nn  Nn Oo  oO -​ Advertising,​ or Promoting of other chat-​networks/channels;
-​ Nn  Nn Nn Oo  oO -​ Nuking of any kind,​ such as warbots or using exploits;
-​ Nn   NnNn Oo  oO -​ Excessive Cloning: Max.5 concurrent connections per IP;
-​ Nn    NNn OOOOOO -​ Use of (Open-​)Proxy or Tor-​servers (/helpop aboutproxies);
-​ More detailed rules can be read through the /rules server-​command (/quote rules)
-​ Please keep IRC fun for everyone and abide to these rules. If you don't,​
-​ you risk being temporarily or permanently revoked access to our chat server.
-​ Ignorance of these rules isn't an excuse. If you wish to discuss the rules,​
-​ you are welcome to open a support ticket.
-​ We reserve the right to block or terminate your connection at our will.
-​ This is server:
-​ If you intended to be on the US server,​ enter via
-​ This server also supports  IPv6  via
-​ Chat4All is managed by volunteers,​ please value their time and effort.
-​ Our team consists of Adonix,​ Saya,​ FiXato,​ Foxman,​ o_​o,​ Siiw and Reikart.
-​ Positions on the team are invite-​only,​ so no need to ask for an o-​line. ;)
-​ For detailed info,​ please use the /staff server-​command.
-​ We wish you a nice and pleasant stay on our network!
-​                                                        Message of the Day v3.2
-​ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~[ Remember ]​~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
-​                       IRC is a privilege NOT a right

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