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#cilicia freenode

Chatraum - 9 Benutzer - vor 78 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: KiaNorris changes topic to: Welcome to Cilicia the oldest Armenian chat room in the world, started in 1999! Բարի գալուստ #cilicia, (private msg) փակ է freenode սերվերում, կարող եք միանալ or
Netz: freenode  -  irc2go: #cilicia

#dimensional_war_rpg SorceryNet

Chatraum - 20 Benutzer - vor 57 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: The balance of power shattered, the universe gains a glimpse of hope in it's darkest hour. The Chessmaster God has fallen, but the Ancient Emperor and Champions of Chaos remain. | Website: | Main In-Character room | Out-of-Character Room: #dw-ooc | 7.9: The New World | Location: Omnitopia, Gaia
Kategorie: Role-Playing - Netz: SorceryNet  -  irc2go: #dimensional_war_rpg

#geocaching Snoonet

Chatraum - 2 Benutzer - vor 57 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt that uses a GPS or phone app with GPS. There are over 2 million active caches around the world. Some are as small as a dime, others are big enough to walk into, all of them provide a unique adventure. We invite you to share your stories, photos, and experiences! Welcome!
Netz: Snoonet  -  irc2go: #geocaching

##technocracy Libera.Chat

Chatraum - 2 Benutzer - vor 78 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: "To imagine one can live in the country of money and preserve one's soul is like imagining one could preserve one's life at the bottom of a lake." -Kandiaronk ☀ Discussing ideas for a post-money society ☀ Abundance is a matter of system dynamics. The abundance of this world is yours--this is a system to share it in a way that we all benefit
Kategorie: Techno - Netz: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: ##technocracy

#supersonic DALnet

Chatraum - 357 Benutzer - vor 78 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Hello World,...once again ;) it's all about NEWS !, yeah we don't care about those GAMES # IN 1 or UNO shit 💩 Commands: !yt <search> , !w <city> , .news , .setnews <country> , .ip <ip to search/nick> , .i <idlenick check> , .covid <country>, .iping <ipv4/ipv6>, .dns <host/domain>, .wiki <articles>
Kategorie: Sonic - Netz: DALnet  -  irc2go: #supersonic

#gamers AlphaChat

Chatraum - 22 Benutzer - vor 77 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: ★ Welcome to #gamers ★ Games of Note: BGE2; God of War; Shadow of the Colossus; Monster Hunter World ♥ / ♥ Come talk to us! <or don't cuz i took the link> ♥ Ark Server: idk ask fuckmodem ♥ Ask about the steam group ♥ GET DUNKED ON // don't kinkshame tabby // tabby's THE cunt // <Lucashayes> Asshole First Person Sirclejerk
Kategorie: Computerspiele - Netz: AlphaChat  -  irc2go: #gamers

#lineageos-dev Libera.Chat

Chatraum - 81 Benutzer - vor 78 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Welcome to LineageOS: Building and maintaining the best open source android rom since 2008, since 2016 | We have the most delicious biscuits in the world | Don't ask to ask questions, just ask (and wait)! | No ETAs. On anything. Ever. | Logs are generally useful things to provide when getting help: use
Kategorie: Lineage Entwicklung - Netz: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #lineageos-dev

#Anime-Supreme Rizon

Chatraum - 76 Benutzer - vor 78 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: [ ] !new !triggers [a-S]New-Releases: [Bleach 241-251, Brave Witches 10-13, Granblue Fantasy 10-14][Bleach 230-240, Brave Witches 5-9, Granblue Fantasy 5-9][Bleach 220-229, Brave Witches 1-4, Granblue Fantasy 1-4][Bleach 210-219, B: The Beginning 9-12, One Piece Strong World]
Kategorie: Anime - Netz: Rizon  -  irc2go: #Anime-Supreme
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