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Suche Chaträume im Internet Relay Chat und informiere dich über ihre Benutzer und Themen! – Im IRC werden Chaträume üblicherweise Kanäle (engl. Channels) genannt. Suche in den Namen und aktuellen Themen der Kanäle von ungefähr 500 IRC-Netzen nach Chaträumen, deren Themen dich interessieren, und finde Leute, die deine Interessen teilen!

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#PCLinuxOS freenode

7 Benutzer – vor 100 Minuten – Welcome, you've just joined the #pclinuxos chat room. NOTICE: This is *not* the support channel. For support questions, please join #pclinuxos-support This chat room is for hanging out with your Linux friends and building our community. If you need help joining the support channel,
Chat-Kategorie: PCLinuxOSNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #PCLinuxOS

#gentoo-mips freenode

20 Benutzer – vor 100 Minuten – Gentoo/MIPS: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:MIPS | General MIPS/Linux questions: #mipslinux | Binary packages: http://tinderbox.dev.gentoo.org/default-linux/mips/ | Octane Patch: https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-1000476.html | We do not help with homework of any kind.
Chat-Kategorie: Gentoo MIPSNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #gentoo-mips

##fuse freenode

11 Benutzer – vor 100 Minuten – This unofficial channel is for discussion of the Linux kernel's FUSE userspace filesystem framework. Welcome! We're very small atm; if you're interested, please idle and help us grow. || http://freenode.net/channel_guidelines.shtml || FUSE wiki: http://fuse.sourceforge.net/wiki/
Chat-Kategorie: SchwedenNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: ##fuse

#galapagos interlinked.me

6 Benutzer – vor 88 Minuten – Galapagos Linux: The friendly distribution | About: http://wiki.glpgs.io/ | NEW Repo: https://github.com/Galapagos-Linux/glpgs | Bugs: https://github.com/Galapagos-Linux/main/issues | Want to help? https://github.com/Galapagos-Linux/main/wiki/Becoming-a-developer
Netz: interlinked.me  –  irc2go: #galapagos

##videogames freenode

4 Benutzer – vor 100 Minuten – All video games discussion on Consoles, Linux & PC/Steam welcome! Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC and Mobile Phones | Some support provided | No stupid channel rules | Be cool and have fun! | /msg NickServ help register | https://www.slyktronics.com
Chat-Kategorie: ComputerspieleNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: ##videogames

#ubuntuCE OFTC

5 Benutzer – vor 100 Minuten – Ubuntu Christian Edition | Bring Linux to the Christians | Idle here and help us make an active UbuntuCE community! | Grab iso's now from: http://phillw.net/isos/uce | Things we need to do: http://negativeflare.xyz/htmlize/ubuntuce.html |
Chat-Kategorie: UbuntuNetz: OFTC  –  irc2go: #ubuntuCE

#linuxhelp Undernet

32 Benutzer – vor 100 Minuten – welcome to LH! Most of us are sleeping or lurking. Please ask your question and wait for an answer. No answer ? Use google. It helps..
Chat-Kategorie: LinuxNetz: Undernet  –  irc2go: #linuxhelp

#ati freenode

12 Benutzer – vor 100 Minuten – Unofficial Linux ATI help (No Win* Stuff) || Catalyst 9.12 (fglrx 8.681) supports Radeon HD series; for X1900 series and below, use open-source #radeon drivers || fglrx bugtracker at http://ati.cchtml.com and wiki at http://wiki.cchtml.com
Chat-Kategorie: ATI TechnologiesNetz: freenode  –  irc2go: #ati

#linux MIXXnet

1 Benutzer – vor 85 Minuten – Linux Help Channel - Please ask your question and we will do our best to help
Chat-Kategorie: LinuxNetz: MIXXnet  –  irc2go: #linux

#linuxmint-chat SpotChat

129 Benutzer – vor 79 Minuten – Official Linux Mint Chat Channel | Channel Rules: https://goo.gl/mP1Rz1 - for support use #linuxmint-help | All languages are welcome. No politics. No religion. Safe For Work conversations only.
Chat-Kategorie: Linux MintNetz: SpotChat  –  irc2go: #linuxmint-chat
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