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#coffee freenode

Chatraum - 61 Benutzer - vor 100 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Coffee chat: home roasting, brewing, equipment, espresso, beaky, etc. || The longer you stay, the better your chance of an answer || The beverage, not the scripting language || http://brewmethods.com/ has nice guidelines on brewing || get a cup of coffee and chill out https://vimeo.com/159612274#t=30s
Kategorie: Kaffee - Netz: freenode  -  irc2go: #coffee

#coffee tilde.chat

Chatraum - 32 Benutzer - vor 81 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: [+Hnrt 50:2d2h] ・゜゜・。。・゜゜c[_] IT'S COFFEE TIME!
Kategorie: Kaffee - Netz: tilde.chat  -  irc2go: #coffee

#coffee DALnet

Chatraum - 3 Benutzer - vor 100 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Too much Monday, not enough coffee! Welcome all DALnet Javaphile ☕️
Kategorie: Kaffee - Netz: DALnet  -  irc2go: #coffee

#coffee Snoonet

Chatraum - 6 Benutzer - vor 84 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Coffee | meatball is the worst
Kategorie: Kaffee - Netz: Snoonet  -  irc2go: #coffee

#coffee EpiKnet

Chatraum - 2 Benutzer - aktuelles Topic: 'Lateral thinking with withered technology' https://youtu.be/tY2pX6-kfFE https://coffeetales.net
Kategorie: Kaffee - Netz: EpiKnet  -  irc2go: #coffee

#freedso freenode

Chatraum - 3 Benutzer - vor 100 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Official channel for the unofficial client. | freeDSO - blasphemous channel for blasphemous Python. | Developers are voiced. | http://www.freedso.co.cc/ | http://www.darksignsonline.com/ | 'This is blasphemy. This is madness!' | 'Madness...? THIS. IS. PYTHON!!!!' | <liveAndLetDie> Even more important than P and NP; Is sleep equal to coffee?
Netz: freenode  -  irc2go: #freedso

#ourspace Rizon

Chatraum - 3 Benutzer - vor 100 Minuten - aktuelles Topic:  Ha❅ppy❆❈✩Sept✻ember❊!| http://is.gd/aoNiCG (hail or blame Ennea)| Come have a cup of tea, or do you prefer coffee? | Relax to some tunes at our channel's lounge http://tinyurl.com/9s9syoz | VotD: http://youtu.be/unRPhNH-YWo courtesy of Dakritia | Bot Commands: http://pastebin.com/FS9apwup
Kategorie: Science Fiction - Netz: Rizon  -  irc2go: #ourspace

#kopitiam DALnet

Chatraum - 3 Benutzer - vor 100 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: A kopitiam or kopi tiam is a traditional coffee shop mostly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Southern Thailand patronised for meals and beverages. The word kopi is an Indonesian and Malay term for coffee and tiam is the Hokkien/Hakka term for shop. Enjoy your stay at DALnet #kopitiam
Netz: DALnet  -  irc2go: #kopitiam

#DSNnet CancunChat

Chatraum - 13 Benutzer - aktuelles Topic: To my colleagues and best friends who are here, please request a song that you like to be heard on this channel and please relax to listen to the song of your choice while drinking coffee and other snacks. And the command says simply type: .xreq artist Name - the songs name ENTER, thank you
Netz: CancunChat  -  irc2go: #DSNnet
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