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This is a small report about chat room #cccda-mumble, a so called IRC channel on network hackint. This report usually includes user statistics and chat topics of the last days and weeks, if the IRC channel was already registered and its administrators didn't set its channel modes to private or secret. You will also find an online chat button below that forwards you to irc2go.com.

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Chat room #cccda-mumble on IRC network hackint was registered at 2020-04-13 and assigned to category Mumble Chat Rooms. Registration of this chat room was based on a large attendance.

#cccda-mumble hackint - Graph about the amount of users during the last weeks

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to, from topic
because chat on mumble sucks

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Chat Room - 3 users - 126 minutes ago - current topic: The Jay | 웃⍡❀𓇣🌻❀🌻❀🌻𓆹❁❀ Ⱏ ❀𓇣🌻❀𓆹❁❀ | https://cytu.be/r/eastjapanrailway | VC: mumble.meatfactory.net | https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/PCI_passthrough_via_OVMF/ | http://fastestcode.org/emwm.html | https://learnopengl.com/book/book_pdf.pdf | https://www.slideshare.net/Khronos_Group/opengl-46-reference-guide
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