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Chat room #California on IRC network DALnet was registered at 2018-09-14 and assigned to category California Chat Rooms. Registration of this chat room was based on web requests.

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Long Live the West Coast as the * * *Divided States of America* * *
Martial Law to overturn an election in the US = a Bullet
Dec 7th, 2020 - Godspeed General Yeager RIP - The fastest man alive, maybe God can catch up
Trump threatened he would leave the country if he lost, and all those that won't except that he lost are welcome to go with him
2020-11-23  Trump theatened he would leave the country if he lost. We should INSIST... and all those that don't want to except that he lost are welcome to go with him
If the Right and Left can't get the job done, maybe we need a third Centrist party in the mix
My advice regarding climate change is... Move North and uphill
It took TWO groups of idiots to make a trump, republicans AND democrats
Wanda Sykes had it right, all political offices should be filled like we do Jury Duty, pick a random person.. "You are it for the next year unless we impeach you"
A phone is NOT a secure device, Do Not Treat It Like One

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