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Dies ist ein kleiner Bericht über den Chatraum ##astrology, einem IRC Channel im Netz Libera.Chat. Sofern der IRC Channel bereits etwas länger registriert ist und von seinen Administratoren nicht als privat oder sogar als geheim gekennzeichnet wurde, enthält der Bericht die Besucherzahlen und Chat-Themen der letzten Tage und Wochen. Mit Hilfe des Links zum Online Chat, wirst du zu irc2go.com weitergeleitet.

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Der Chatraum ##astrology vom IRC-Netz Libera.Chat wurde am 2021-06-14 registriert und der Kategorie Chat Chaträume zugeordnet. Die Registrierung des Chatraums erfolgte aufgrund hoher Besucherzahlen.

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Astrology The Science of Light | Today' Sabian: A flock of white geese is seen in flight overhead. | Kozminsky: A druid cutting the acorn from the sacred oak with a sickle of silver. | https://astrorigin.com/astrobot
Astrology The Science of Light | Today' Sabian: The president of the republic or the ruler of his country is presented. | Kozminsky: A little child tying a ribbon round a lamb's neck, the flock playfully frolicking around. | https://astrorigin.com/astrobot
Astrology The Science of Light | Today' Sabian: A savant is revealed, a man who has created new forms for old symbols that have lost their meaning. | Kozminsky: A ship illumined with the rosy rays of morning sailing towards the rising sun. | https://astrorigin.com/astrobot
Astrology The Science of Light | Today' Sabian: A seer gazes intently into a crystal ball before him. | Kozminsky: A Roman general gaudily appareled receiving a wreath of flowers from an empress. | https://astrorigin.com/astrobot
Astrology The Science of Light | Today' Sabian: A large old-fashioned woman's hat is revealed with streamers flying in a stiff breeze from the east. | Kozminsky: A silver axe shattering a shield of iron. | https://astrorigin.com/astrobot
Astrology The Science of Light | Today' Sabian: A man comes forward flushed with the successful and simultaneous expression of his talents in two separate realms. | Kozminsky: A man saving himself from falling into a deep cavern by clutching a wild rose-tree. The thorns cut into his flesh but the plant supports him. | https://astrorigin.com/astrobot
Astrology The Science of Light | Today' Sabian: A black square stands firmly, illumined red on one side. | Kozminsky: A metalsmith in his workshop fixing a silver caduceus of Mercury in a base of copper. Around are scattered various metals and instruments. | https://astrorigin.com/astrobot
Astrology The Science of Light | Today' Sabian: A white triangle is seen; it has golden wings. | Kozminsky: A feudal knight in full armor standing on the walls of his castle defying a multitude of armed people. A mysterious figure at the back of the crowd strikes a note on a curious six-stringed harp, the massive walls crumble and fall, and the defier is at the mercy of the defied. | htt
Astrology The Science of Light | Today' Sabian: Two lovers are strolling through a secluded walk. | Kozminsky: A mailed hand holding a dagger with a bent point. | https://astrorigin.com/astrobot
Astrology The Science of Light | Today' Sabian: A cameo shows the profile of a man that suggests the outline of his country. | Kozminsky: A prince saving a child from a burning castle. | https://astrorigin.com/astrobot

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