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IRC network freenode was registered in August 1998. Since that time our small data collector regularly connects this IRC network to determine its key performance indicators, such as its number of users and its number of chat rooms (IRC channels). On this occasion a list of visible (not private) chat rooms is requested too.

During last connections to freenode its servers reported an average of 84770 users and 46726 chat rooms. Use the following menu to get more information about IRC network freenode! Take a view to the generated statistics and search within the list of chat rooms for topics of your interest!

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#ipfs freenode

1485 users – 35 minutes ago – Heads Up: To talk, you need to register your nick! Announcements: go-ipfs 0.4.22 and js-ipfs 0.35 are out! Get them from dist.ipfs.io and npm respectively! | Also: #libp2p #ipfs-cluster #filecoin #ipfs-dev | IPFS, the InterPlanetary FileSystem: https://github.com/ipfs/ipfs | Logs: https://view.matrix.org/room/!yhqiEdqNjyPbxtUjzm:matrix.org/ | Forums: https://discuss.ipfs.io | Code of
chat category: IPFSnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #ipfs

#puppet freenode

435 users – 35 minutes ago – Register your nick to speak: http://pup.pt/irc-nick | PE 2019.1 -- http://pup.pt/pe2019 | Puppet 6: http://pup.pt/p6 | Community CoC: http://pup.pt/conduct | Community Slack: http://pup.pt/slack | Channel logs: https://botbot.me/freenode/puppet/ | Contributor Summit: http://pup.pt/cs | MVP nominations: pup.pt/mvp | Repo changes: http://pup.pt/repo
chat category: Puppetnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #puppet

##machinelearning freenode

366 users – 35 minutes ago – Machine Learning discussion and feeds | https://j.mp/ml-site | Rules: Register nick. No small talk. Technical talk only. No public logging. No changing nick. Offtopic chat only in ##ml-ot. Deployment chat in ##ml-deploy. News in ##ml-news. Consider https://j.mp/matrix-irc-guide to connect persistently. | Affiliated: ##AGI ##CompMed ##it-group #pydata ##statistics
chat category: Education Macintoshnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: ##machinelearning

##asm freenode

286 users – 35 minutes ago – Assembly programming channel, all architectures welcome (please specify). | Please register your nick to speak - talk to NickServ. | Don't ask to ask! Use a pastebin if appropriate! Check your manuals! | AT&T vs Intel flamers will be banned.
chat category: Assemblernetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: ##asm

#intel-gfx freenode

227 users – 35 minutes ago – https://01.org/linuxgraphics/ - Intel kernel & media graphics development discussion | For Intel 3D discussion, join #intel-3d | How to report bugs: https://01.org/linuxgraphics/documentation/how-report-bugs | Register your nick to talk: https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration
chat category: Intel Graphics Cardsnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #intel-gfx

#Powershell freenode

176 users – 35 minutes ago – <SP> (network) <nick> = our bridgebot | Join the PowerShell group on Slack https://aka.ms/psslack, or Discord https://aka.ms/psdiscord | Remember http://bit.ly/meta-be-nice | Please paste code on http://gist.github.com or https://floobits.com/PoshCode/PowerShell.Slack.com/
chat category: PowerShellnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #Powershell

#freedesktop freenode

120 users – 35 minutes ago – freedesktop.org internet infrastructure || GitLab migration FAQ: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/freedesktop/freedesktop/wikis/home || Questions about specifications? Please mail xdg@lists.freedesktop.org || Register your nick to talk: https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration
chat category: Desktopsnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #freedesktop

#firefox-unregistered freenode

114 users – 35 minutes ago – Firefox is currently open to registered Freenode nicks only | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:IRC/Tutorial#Nickname_registration for info on registering a nick | If you do not want to register use ircs://irc.mozilla.org docs at https://wiki.mozilla.org/IRC
chat category: Firefoxnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #firefox-unregistered

#tc39 freenode

92 users – 35 minutes ago – ECMA TC39 | https://github.com/tc39 | +v's are your friendly neighborhood delegates! | Logs: https://freenode.logbot.info/tc39 | To combat spam, your nick must be registered with nickserv to message this channel | https://tc39.es
network: freenode  –  irc2go: #tc39

#gluster-unregistered freenode

87 users – 35 minutes ago – Please register your nick before rejoining a gluster channel. See /msg nickserv help
chat category: Uster Greenlandnetwork: freenode  –  irc2go: #gluster-unregistered
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