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#UNIX Rizon

Chat Room - 15 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: root@unix:~# _
category: UNIX - network: Rizon  -  irc2go: #UNIX

#postfix freenode

Chat Room - 310 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: The Postfix MTA ** now 21 years old! || Register with Nickserv to speak goo.gl/dQ26k9 || See !getting_help and show a paste URL of !relevant_logs & !showconfig before asking questions / check your *LOGS* / know your unix basics || On using IRC, workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc || Bot factoids: /msg knoba whatis #postfix [factoid] || List of all facts at workaround.org/facts/postfix
category: Postfix - network: freenode  -  irc2go: #postfix

#linux AnonOps

Chat Room - 40 users - 94 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #Linux | Discussion and help on GNU/Linux/Unix | GNU/Linux map ~> http://i.imgur.com/uMaK4ID.jpg | THIS IS NOT KALI OR PENTESTING SUPPORT | Want to make your Linux Experience even better ? grep some Ideas ~> http://imgur.com/a/3s4fD | Check out #virtual for virtualisation help || https://imgur.com/a/0kRxwc1 || Feel lost? Try https://wwww.tldp.org
category: Linux - network: AnonOps  -  irc2go: #linux

#absolinux freenode

Chat Room - 13 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: Bienvenue sur ce chan (en utf-8) lié à http://www.absolinux.net où vous pouvez vous inscrire également. Linuxiens débutants ou confirmés, posez ici vos questions sur GNU/Linux ou sur Unix. Merci de coller vos sorties écran ou vos lignes de code sur http://absolinux.pastebin.fr. et de respecter les règles courantes de bon sens.
category: Linux - network: freenode  -  irc2go: #absolinux

#encrypt DALnet

Chat Room - 20 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: Learn Linux http://www.tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/ | http://manuals.bioinformatics.ucr.edu/home/linux-basics | UNIX http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Teaching/Unix/ | En/Decryption, Hacking, Security and anything related. Off topic is allowed so long as you are being polite to others.. Google is your friend!
category: Cryptography - network: DALnet  -  irc2go: #encrypt

#climagic freenode

Chat Room - 47 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #climagic, where we talk about command line tips/tricks for Linux, BSD and other Unix-like OSes. Please be patient. http://www.climagic.org/ http://www.twitter.com/climagic https://mastodon.social/@climagic https://www.patreon.com/climagic -->> Thanks to everyone for being awesome. <<--
category: Command Line - network: freenode  -  irc2go: #climagic

#unix Snoonet

Chat Room - 1 users - 85 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #Unix @irc.Snoonet.org | Generic support channel for Unix Based operating systems | Don't ask to ask, just ask :D |
category: UNIX - network: Snoonet  -  irc2go: #unix

#unix.ro Undernet

Chat Room - 150 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: I know your secret.
category: UNIX Romania - network: Undernet  -  irc2go: #unix.ro

##yacc freenode

Chat Room - 3 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/yacc.html | Best tutorial: Chapter 8 of "The Unix Programming Environment" (Kernighan & Pike, 1984) & https://www.mirbsd.org/manPSD/15.yacc | Ref: "lex & yacc" (Levine, Mason & Brown, 1995) | MaW: http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~bwk/btl.mirror/
network: freenode  -  irc2go: ##yacc
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