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##linux Rizon

Chat Room - 39 users - 86 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to ##linux - It might take time to answer your question(s), so while you wait please use a search engine of your choice. Off Topic chat is allowed (behave). Thank you for flying ##linux ! Chanstat:
category: Linux - network: Rizon  -  irc2go: ##linux

#linux-beginners Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 7 users - 86 minutes ago - current topic: Beginner-oriented channel about GNU/Linux | Got a question about linux? You can jump right in and ask; -please- stay awhile: we will see you. | About this channel: ; 3/16/2021: We have rules, see about page
category: Linux - network: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #linux-beginners

#archlinux Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 1356 users - 86 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to Arch Linux, Good Luck: | Rules: | Pastebins: !paste | | Every day, AUR scientists are looking for new ways to kill bugs. They're doing their part. Are you? Join the AUR Infantry and save the world!
category: Arch Linux - network: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #archlinux

#linux.gzsz QuakeNet

Chat Room - 7 users - 86 minutes ago - current topic: Rest in Peace, Barney | Good bye Cao | Willkommen in #linux.gzsz! No entry for lower and below species - negative species may enter upside-down. | Off-Topic | Rules? > | Es gilt Horizontalsmileyverbot! | :F
category: Linux - network: QuakeNet  -  irc2go: #linux.gzsz

#Linux Noxether

Chat Room - 3 users - 69 minutes ago - current topic: Linux ~ Canal de support Linux ~ Posez vos questions sur le canal, les PM sont interdits ! ~ N'oubliez pas de RTFM, STFW et, si possible, UYFB avant de poser des questions ! Et si vous en posez, attendez + de 10 min avant de partir !
category: Linux - network: Noxether  -  irc2go: #Linux

#linux-amlogic Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 47 users - 86 minutes ago - current topic: Amlogic mainline kernel development discussion - our wiki - ml - official channel moved from Freenode - publicly logged on
category: Linux Logic - network: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #linux-amlogic

#linux SkyChatz

Chat Room - 4 users - 65 minutes ago - current topic:  Linux: a Unix-like kernel | GNU/Linux: an open source Unix-like operating system on desktop and servers for freedom. Copyleft license, free to redistribute, modified, copying and improve. |
category: Linux - network: SkyChatz  -  irc2go: #linux

#xbox-linux OFTC

Chat Room - 6 users - 86 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #xbox-linux | Don't ask to ask, just ask once and be patient when waiting for the answer! | No copyright infringement / EvoX / XBMC / Illegal stuff [] | Website:
category: Xbox Linux - network: OFTC  -  irc2go: #xbox-linux

#gnu-linux-libre Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 30 users - 86 minutes ago - current topic: | latest releases are 5.14.8-gnu, 5.10.69-gnu1, 5.4.149-gnu1, 4.19.208-gnu1, 4.14.248-gnu1, 4.9.284-gnu1, 4.4.285-gnu1; EOL: 5.13.19-gnu1 | git://
category: GNU Linux - network: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #gnu-linux-libre
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