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#Hogwarts Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 2 users - 85 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to Hogwarts World of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Which house do you belong to?
category: Harry Potter - network: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #Hogwarts

#imagiro Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 4 users - 85 minutes ago - current topic: #imagiro The glass house
network: Libera.Chat  -  irc2go: #imagiro

#owl-software Azzurra

Chat Room - 2 users - 83 minutes ago - current topic: ðŸ¦‰ Canale ufficiale della software house Owl Software 🦉 Per maggiori informazioni - leave your questions in the channel
category: Software - network: Azzurra  -  irc2go: #owl-software

#opUfO AnonOps

Chat Room - 2 users - 82 minutes ago - current topic: +++ if you are *in* contact with Aliens, /join #opUfO +++
network: AnonOps  -  irc2go: #opUfO

#Univers-Musical Chaat

Chat Room - 3 users - 81 minutes ago - current topic: Techno-House-Dubstep-Electro-EDM-Trance Music-Rap-Variété Française-Pop Rock
category: Music - network: Chaat  -  irc2go: #Univers-Musical

#imarel DarkMyst

Chat Room - 17 users - 198 minutes ago - current topic: [Victorian Flavored, Magitech Style™ Semi-Free Form RP] Welcome to Imarel RPG! Current Setting: A mysterious summons has brought fresh graduates from Besmit Academy's Sapphire House to Mira's Hope. Visit: for info! | Type !help to get a list of bot commands (available by /msg Xandra !help). #imarel_ooc is our OOC channel
network: DarkMyst  -  irc2go: #imarel

#theBlueMonkeyCult GameSurge

Chat Room - 2 users - 75 minutes ago - current topic:  Welcome to the Blue Monkey Cult :: [tBMC] :: "House of Blues" (Sauer) :: Fun Fun Fun
network: GameSurge  -  irc2go: #theBlueMonkeyCult

#clubplazma FreeUniBG

Chat Room - 1 users - 74 minutes ago - current topic: House Music ! !
network: FreeUniBG  -  irc2go: #clubplazma
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